15 years ago, LVM Ltd decided to start producing Mauritian snacks under the Pluie d’orée brand.

From Miss Croq ’to home-made snacks, such as Sev and Moolkoo, through Popcorn and Ti Pois, LVM Ltd has made its way into the world of Mauritian snacks. The company decided in 2018 to launch a new range of snacks, May Frir, under the brand Korne Gajak.

May Frir is available in several flavors, such as pima limon, kari masala and fromaz. Local flavors!

Danny Chan, the director of LVM Ltd, was inspired by the “gajacking” trend, which has been firmly established in Mauritian customs for years, to start producing snacks.
The difference of these products lies in the know-how of the team as well as the values ​​advocated by LVM Ltd, that is to say, authenticity, quality and customer satisfaction.

These products are now on sale in all shops, Taba-j and supermarkets on the island. What are you waiting for?