15 years ago, L.V.M Ltd decided to start producing Mauritian snacks under the Pluie d’orée brand. Since then, L.V.M Ltd has known a huge success in manufacturing crunchy, stunningly good and tasty snacks that can be enjoyed while relaxing, going out with friends or as a snack at work and during special occasions. 

The company then decided in 2018 to launch a new range of snacks, May Frir, under the brand Korne Gajak. These are snacks made of crispy roasted corn with unique layers of seasonings. May Frir is available in several flavors, such as Pima L0imon (lemon), Kari Masala (masala curry) and Fromaz (cheese). Local flavors cherished by a Mauritians!

Danny Chan, the director of L.V.M Ltd, makes it a duty to always come up with the most interesting and creative snacks to please his customers. Nothing beats tasty and delicious local snacks. 

These products are now on sale in all shops, Taba-j and supermarkets on the island. What are you waiting for?