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After its two success stories Pluie d’Orée and Korne Gajak, L.V.M Mauritius has decided to launch its brand of crispy chicken marinade! 2 minit 4 is a brand that aims to promote fast food. L.V.M Mauritius has set itself the target of making cooking time shorter and making life easier for those who like to cook good meals in a short period of time.

Launched in April 2020, the two boxes of Poul Frir are available in two flavors, notably “Piman” (spicy) and “San Piman” (non-spicy). The particularity of this seasoning is the breading as well as all the spices that make these pieces of chicken crisp and taste delicious.

We all sometimes, especially during special occasions, crave for crispy-on-the-outside exterior with a super juicy, perfectly moist interior fried chicken. Poul Frir not only focuses on aroma but also on making the preparation easy and fast for the fried chicken lovers. 

Say yes to Poul Frir and master your culinary skills with our delectable fried chicken recipe. These boxes are available in all the supermarkets around the island.